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The Matrix Training System created by Chad Marr is a structured program designed to create flexibility, coordination, stamina and strength. A proven program to reverse chronic pain and joint related issues by identifying weak areas through movement and training to correct those weaknesses through a series of structured program templates.

Chad Marr is a regionally known authority in the fitness industry with over 25 years experience helping Professional Athletes achieve their highest level of performance.

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The Matrix Training System

Virtually everyone who walks into any training environment brings with them, limitations and joint imbalances, especially athletes! Not unlike martial arts, training in a gym and lifting weights has a foundation. A foundation based on proper mechanics, moving well and becoming balanced, developing form first, before incorporating load.

Box Matrix Training

Today there are multiple resources available online, in apps and books about different training methods or work outs. The problem is there is in large part, no structure or order to any of this information. The Matrix Training System has a specific, progressive approach which breaks down the joints and subsystems into corresponding exercises and movements. The genius of this method is that it quickly identifies weaknesses around joints that may lead to injury by identifying areas that are weak through the different movement patterns in program. The Matrix Training System has proven time and again to relieve pain and improve mobility and performance.


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