Our mission is that anyone can make you sweat, we make you better! Simply put, anyone can count reps and sets, we have a track record of delivering lasting results that impact our members and clients in meaningful ways. Our vision is to raise expectations in the training industry to a higher standard while elevating the industry as a whole.

Ryan O’Hearn

Kansas City Royals

I started working with Chad in 2016 and it changed my life and my career. In my opinion there is not another gym for athletes to train at that has what Chad has to offer. A combination of the knowledge he provides and the people around the gym is what makes it so special. Chad helped me to understand what kind of hard work and dedication it takes to change your body. The Box Matrix impacted my career and helped me to fulfill my dream and play in the Major Leagues. I fully plan on continuing to work with Chad for years to come, and I highly recommend Chad Marr.


Ryan OHearn

Evan Alexander

Outfielder, Yankees Organization

I am in my third offseason with Chad and I love it. The training has gotten me to reach my goals strength, speed and weight wise. Also, he emphasizes the small things that allow me to stay healthy and on the field. This training gives me peace of mind going into a long season that my body is more prepared to perform. I wish I had started training with Chad sooner.”

Evan Alexander on The Box Matrix:

“It’s the very first thing you do when you get to the gym and it quickly shows you where you’re weakest. It gives you a benchmark workout to go back to if you’re ever feeling anything, and it allows you to fix it. It also lets you know what you’re in for. It’s the easiest thing we do and it’s not easy, Good Luck!”


Jacquies Smith

NFL 8 Year Veteran

My time with Chad has been nothing less than eye opening. Not only form a physical aspect of training but also from the mental aspect training. Physically I took my body to limits at an older age than I thought possible, I only thought I could reach these levels when I was younger. Playing the game of football, to be able to perform stronger and for a longer period of time is always the goal. With Chad’s program, I was able to achieve that goal. Not only did I get stronger but my mobility became better as well. A by product of Chad’s program and my ability to push my body to the limit allowed me to be mentally stronger for the entire game. I could go on and on talking about the benefits of Chad’s program But you need to come see it for yourself.


Jacquies Smith
Tristen Lutz

Tristen Lutz

Milwaukee Brewers, First Round Draft Pick

“This is my third off-season working with Chad and my body has never felt better. I’ve always had a tight lower half and back problems since I was 12 years old.

My hitting coach sent me to Chad after I was drafted and my back pain hasn’t returned since. In my first season I played more than 100 games injury free and I felt strong through out the whole season. The spring training camp of  2019, I tested out as the 2nd strongest athlete in The Brewers Organization.”


Josh Ramsey

University of Notre Dame

My time with Chad has helped me raise my performance to a whole new level I did not know was possible. Being a soccer player, not much time and effort is put into strength and conditioning as other sports.  Chad has helped me get the most out of my body and has truly made an impact on the way I play.

Played for San Antonio Fc in the USL championship

FC Dallas Academy

United States u-17 National Team

Committed to play soccer at the University of Notre Dame

6th Ranked Defender in the class of 2021

Josh Ramsey
Cameron Gallagher

Cameron Gallagher

Kansas City Royals Catcher

Going into my 9th season in professional baseball I battled little injuries that kept me off the field my whole career and knew I needed a change in my offseason workout program. Chad Marr and the rest of the people over at Icon Gym were very beneficial to me. The workouts I had were some of the toughest yet fun to partake in because of the atmosphere in there along with the first class people that were in there as well. I’ve noticed a huge difference in my body in the few months I’ve worked out there and highly recommend to anyone looking for an edge in sports performance or anyone looking to shed a couple lbs.”


Barry Rose

Head Baseball Coach Rockwall High School

“If you are looking for the best person to train your athlete, then Marr Strength is the place, especially for baseball players.  We conducted our full winter strength and conditioning with Chad in 2016-2017 and 2017-2018 and it enabled our players to excel on the field.  Chad Marr does a great job of personalizing the workouts for each player depending on where they are at in their development.


Barry Rose Head Baseball Coach Rockwall High School


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